Tips to keep FUN going Memorial Day Weekend!

Holiday weekends are when my 90/10 rules comes into effect!  One reason I love being healthy:

I can PARTY with the BEST of them AND…
RECOVER with the BEST of them to KEEP THE FUN GOING.
Some of you will go on a “tear” for the next 4 days, some will have a ”balanced” approach to partying..and others will only “act up” one day.  No matter where you fall, follow these tips to have more FUN & recover faster!
1.WATER: is your friend.  For every ounce of alcohol, have one ounce of water.  Water with caffeine does not count.
Double up on the Performance for hydration & hangover blues!

2.PLAY: while you may not hit the gym, walking the beach, bike riding, hula hoop contests COUNT.
PS: Keg stands only count if you do 30 consecutive push ups off the keg!
3.FIBER: is also your friend.  Like I say with my detox program, ramp up the fiber with OAT BRAN to get those toxins out for faster recovery.
4.Take an EXTRA teaspoon of VIVIX!
And remember*:
“Inner peace comes from being able to hold the conflict that arises from the tension of opposites”.

**What does this mean?  Accept the fact that even if you “overdo” it, you are still healthy! If you are going to “overdo” it, enjoy it FULLY…or don’t do it.

One thought on “Tips to keep FUN going Memorial Day Weekend!

  1. hmmm….keg stand with 30 push-ups, that may be tough, but if I try I’ll let you know!

    Great blog Stephanie and thanks for the holidays tips!


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