Knowledge is Potential Power

One of the things I speak about often is the importance of getting support when trying to achieve your goals.

I realize some of you may not know what support looks like because you don’t usually ask for it or maybe you have not ever truly gotten it. For me, I spent many years completely unaware of what real support looked like. I walked around feeling “proud” of the fact that I was strong, independent and didn’t “need anybody”. When this attitude no longer served me, I found myself feeling dissatisfied with and disconnected from my personal and professional life. I decided I needed more knowledge– and I am not talking about book education my friends. I am talking about self knowledge, self education. As I began to focus less on the outer world and what everyone else was doing, I became fascinated by my inner world. I committed myself to the practice of yoga and meditation to increase my self awareness. As I began to learn more about myself, there were times I was completely overwhelmed with what I learned. This overwhelm led me to become stuck. I was afraid to make changes, to speak up, to begin advocating for the life I imagined. It is scary, no doubt!! It was in these moments that I also realized knowledge is potential power. After all, if we know what we must do, yet we continue not to do it, what power do we have? In fact for me, my knowledge without being able to action made me feel powerless. Since then I have come to believe it is in the action of doing that we gain power. It became clear to me that if I wanted to get “unstuck” I must have someone to support me as “the stuff” came up. I made the decision to start working consistently with a mentor and coach. By getting the support I needed, with someone who I felt safe with, I was able to transform my life completely. As “the stuff” came up, I now had someone who could both support me and be a mirror for me. What a powerful combination!

As you contemplate what you want for your life, I encourage you to give thought to this concept of knowledge being potential power. Some of you may be lucky to have the knowledge and the power already. For others you may have neither or bits of both. Whatever it is for you, don’t judge it. Notice it and from that place decide what you are willing to do. Get more knowledge? Get support? Both?

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