Awareness Allows Gratitude

When I teach people how to meditate, one of the things I emphasize is that it is a daily practice. In order to receive the full benefits of meditation, it must be done consistently. Over time, as we commit to daily meditation, our awareness is honed.  We begin to see, hear and experience the world differently.  We are able to step outside ourselves to better understand how we are being.  And with this understanding, we are able to change.

For me, I feel the benefits of meditation most profoundly when I am under stress.  In the past, during my pre-meditation (and Jack Daniels) days, I reacted to life’s challenges, often regretting my actions later.  Today, my meditation practice allows me to make a better choice when times are challenging.

Why?  Well, with my increased level of awareness, I am able to step outside myself and see all of life experience as an opportunity to learn and to grow.  While I may not always “like” what is happening, underneath all the drama, suffering and stress, I am able to find something to be grateful for.

Having gratitude for all the moments I experience is one of the best ways I know to cultivate inner peace, live true to who I am and share my light with others.

Does meditation work? YES!  Is it worth the time commitment everyday to meditate in order to increase our awareness? YES! Every moment counts.  If you miss even one moment, you just might miss THE ONE.

Says one of my gurus:

“One moment can change your day, one day can change your life, one life can change the world.”

Never give up.  Ever!

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