Fifty Shades of Grey What

I’m not usually the type to follow the crowd as I find it distracts me from what I want to do as an individual. So, when all the hype began about the book series “Fifty Shades of Grey” I was like, “here we go again”.

You also must know I don’t typically read “erotic” romances, which this book most definitely is…and then some. My books of choice range from deep personal growth ones like “Yoga and the Quest for the True Self” to business ones like “Switch”.  As skilled as I have become over the years at turning down (and off!) the noise of life around me, I have to admit, the hype about these “Grey” books got me more than curious.

Being the life long student that I am, I realized it was my duty to ask my trusted circle of friends about the books. I wanted to know if they heard of the books, were reading them and of course, how were they!! I was so intrigued by how my lady (and men) friends described the books, I decided, hype or not, I simply must be part of the conversation. And, as a person deeply committed to personal growth, I also decided it was time to read a book simply for the pure PLEASURE of it. Now that I am reading the trilogy, I can say I am SO GLAD for all the hype!  Who knew?

2 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey What

  1. Good for you Stephanie. Sometimes it’s good to NOT follow the masses, but regarding these books, it was smart to do just that. I read each and every book and so enjoyed them. Looking forward to the movie, though not quite sure how they are going to mirror the books! Imagination reigned here!

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