living balanced and whole

Have you ever heard the song by Beyonce, called “If I Were A Boy?”.

There are 2 lines in the song I absolutely love: “If I were a boy…I’d put myself first…And make the rules as I go.”

I often wonder how I would feel, how my experience of life would be different if I were a “boy” for a day.  Don’t get me wrong, we all have stress, male and female.  Yet, I am always amazed how “seemingly” easy it appears for males to “let go”…to “forget what should get done”… to “put themselves first”. Or is it that men never cared “to know” to begin with because they just go with the flow anyway?  I have often meditated on this topic.  While I can’t change my gender…I can take a few lessons from the boys and commit  to the following:

1. Make my own self care my #1 priority

2.Love myself even when the house is dirty and all the meals are not home cooked

3.Let it all go and trust the journey

How about you?  What do you commit to this month?

Even if only for the month of May, as we celebrate Mom’s and the mother in all of us, let’s do a better job of taking care of US!  When we do, we will be better able and much happier to care for others.


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