the view

Most days I love working out intensely: a long run, a challenging vinyasa yoga class, a Bikram yoga class or a weight training session at the gym.  Since I am “use to” this routine, it becomes a challenge for me when my body resists the “intensity”.  There are days, like today….when I wake up “thinking” I will do a long run…yet my body is telling me otherwise.  Most days I push past my feeling body and allow my thinking body to take over.  And generally, I am “happier” for it.  Yet, some days, like today…my feeling body wins out.  Instead of lacing up my sneakers to run, I decide to take a long slow walk to work.  And wouldn’t you know it, as I am walking…slowly, I notice how absolutely gorgeous the scenery is all around me.  I realize in that moment how balancing my intensity with just being in the slower more grounded place is just as important!!  And when I am running, I often don’t notice…the incredible view.  Check out this priceless view from my walk today:




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