Is it the Sugar

Would you eat 16 packets of sugar?  Well, then why would you drink it?  Did you know a 20 ounce cola has 16 packets of sugar?  This “conversation” was playing out on TV last night while I was at the gym.  How appropriate since I don’t usually watch the news! The conversation: Will Mayor Bloomberg ban certain sizes of sugary/cola drinks in NYC to help gain control of the obesity and diabetes epidemic??

A most interesting conversation is starting. And I LOVE it! I am less concerned about the notion of how far should/can/will government go in “protecting”, “controlling” our health.  Is it their responsibility?  Maybe. As far as I am concerned, when it comes to health, we, the individual (me, myself and I) are responsible for taking our health into our own hands.  It is up to us to find trusted resources, with a proven track record to get educated.

This is one reason I love teaching about Sugar. For those of you who have already attended my “Sugar Detox” classes in Westchester, you’ve heard me say over & over, we (children & adults) consume too much refined sugar.  You have also heard me speak about the solution to our sugar addiction–and it is not about eliminating “all” sugar.  I understand why people are so confused about sugar & nutrition in general.

Taking control of our sugar addiction & reducing the amount we consume consists of a multi-step process including: education, support and looking at our overall lifestyle.  After all, some of us know too much sugar is bad….yet the comfort and emotional connection attached to sugar is so strong, all the information in the world is useless.

I will be teaching my Sugar Class LIVE on Thursday, June 14th at 7pm in White Plains. For information click here.

**Note: If you are not able to make the Thursday class, email me here.  I will be offering the class via Webinar over the Summer.  In the Fall, I will again be teaching it LIVE in Westchester.


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