Do You Want Your Pet To Thrive?

We do!! At the Sanctuary we advocate for the health of people and our PETS!

As a Certified Holistic Chef for Animals, Christine Filardi (Steph’s sister) pictured here with  Aika, (yes, the pit who was on CBS, “Dogs in the City”) started BowMeow to show people how to improve the health of their pets.

A proven way to reduce our pets allergies, joint problems, and the reoccurring upset stomach, feed them a biologically appropriate diet! As a Certified Holistic Chef for Animals, Christine Filardi (yes, sister to Stephanie!) of BowMeow teaches people how to transition their pets off of commercial pet food.

Don’t have time to cook for your pets?  Don’t worry!  Christine has created “Charlie’s Chow”–homemade food for dogs and cats, delivered right to your door. All meals include vegetables and organ meats– even apple cider vinegar. You have the ability to transform your pets health– one meal at a time.

View Christine’s Website Here. 


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