Yoga and Business

Years ago when I turned to yoga & meditation, I did so because I felt “lost”. I was advancing in my corporate career on one hand, yet feeling totally disconnected to myself on the other. Since then, these life affirming practices have guided me to where I am today, at home within myself. What continues to blow me away is that now I am fully immersed in a healing business, an extension of my life, and I find yoga & meditation even more powerful. When the day to day of “the sanctuary business” gets hectic, my practices ground me and allow me to act rather than react. Being able to stay centered during challenging times allows me to not only get done what is required, it helps those around me stay calm as well. Priceless.  I often say, if the pilot starts to freak out about a problem in the cockpit, what good is that to his team, the passengers, the airline business? Yoga & meditation are powerful tools for transformation, both personally and professionally.  Sometimes it is harder for people to see or translate the benefits of these practices in the professional world. And this is why I am so happy to have come across an article, “Yoga Made Me a Better CEO”. This article affirms everything I have been discovering and sharing. You can read the article here.

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