Fear is healthy

Mom we are scared!

I use to believe the ultimate quest was to “eliminate” fear.  Now I believe fear is not something to be eliminated at all.  Rather, fear is something to embrace.  In life when fear causes us to turn something– whether it is a  feeling, person, or situation, into an “obstacle” rather than an ally, we get stuck.  The reality is, we will always have fears.  If we are growing and changing and truly living the width of our life, fear will visit us often.

Take a look at this precious picture of my kittens, Leo and Cappi on their first trip to the vet for shots.  Fearful, you bet!  True they didn’t have a choice but to go to the vet, yet there is still a lesson here.

Take something in your life you are afraid to do yet deep down you know it is inevitable.   Imagine like Leo and Cappi that you don’t have a choice and you must confront your fear of “it”.  Wouldn’t it be much easier to deal with “it” by accepting your fear  so you can free up energy to focus on what needs to get done?  If all of your energy is directed toward everything that “might” go wrong, you do not allow yourself the chance to get the support you need to do what it will take to make it go smoother…  Try it!!