get slow

As some of you know, I have a personal practice of Bikram (hot) Yoga.  Classes are 90 minutes long and consist of 26 poses which are done in rooms about 105 degrees Fahrenheit with 40%   humidity.  For me,  Bikram Yoga is an incredible physical and mental work out.  There is nothing quite like Bikram to both bring out, and quiet, my inner critic….

The other day in class I wasn’t feeling my usual strong self.  In addition,  according to my inner critic the teacher was speaking too much, too fast, and was holding us in the poses longer than usual…none of this fun for me on a “good” day.  I noticed myself getting really frustrated– my mind was racing, my heart was beating out of my chest and it was getting harder and harder to breath and focus.

Half way through the class I realized I would have to sit the rest of the class out if I didn’t adjust my attitude and tame my inner critic.  Since I didn’t want to “sit out”, I said to myself, “Stephanie, the slower you go, the better you will do”. I had no choice but to  slow everything down….slow my mind, slow my heart, slow my breath.  I suddenly accepted the fact that no matter how the teacher was being, I had a choice of how I was going to be.  I decided I didn’t have to let the teacher’s experience affect my own experience.  And guess what?  I made it through the class just fine.

At the end of class while resting in meditation I realized how this notion of slowing down and doing better is so relevant for my life outside the yoga studio when that inner critic makes an appearance.  How so? Outside the yoga studio, in the external world, whatever is going on does not have to take control of my internal world, or what is happening inside of me.  In one moment, I can make the choice to notice the critic, slow down, breath and choose to be better and do better.  Pretty powerful.

Intention to Attention

Do you ever notice that what gets your attention, meaning your time, energy, effort and resources- is your true intention?

If we tell ourselves that we want to “get healthy”, yet we continue to take actions that don’t support this like making poor food choices, over scheduling, saying we are too busy or tired to do physical activity,  can we honestly say our true intention is to “get healthy”?

Maybe we would “like” to be healthier.  Guess what?  Like isn’t enough to make it happen. In my life there are many things I would “like” to happen.  The reality is, if I truly WANT to make something happen, I have to set my intention on exactly what I WANT TO HAPPEN.  Once my true intention is set, I laser focus on it.  I  COMMIT to it 100% and I take action everyday, even if small, to support it.  By giving my attention to my intention, it begins “to happen”.

As spring arrives, I invite you to consider this time as an opportunity for renewal.  In doing so, perhaps ask yourself:

What are your true intentions?  What is the vision you have for YOUR life? What do you WANT to happen?

Are you giving your full attention to these intentions and this vision?

Are your intentions, attention and actions aligned with this vision you have for your life?

As you slowly begin to align your true intention with your attention and action, you will notice your life shifting.

Perhaps you will discover a deeper purpose for  your life, more ease, improved health, greater peace, even joy.

Worth giving attention to?  You bet!!!

you dream

Happy New Year!  This is the best time of year to start dreaming again!  Give yourself the gift of your own attention and take time to dream. Think about what areas of your life you want to improve in 2011.  Perhaps you want better health?  Maybe you want to work on building relationships in your life that uplift you? What about creating financial stability so you do more than just “get by”?   Once you decide what it is for you this year, make a plan and commit to it.  Figure out what you need to succeed.  Perhaps you will need to  learn new skills, give up old habits or work with a supportive coach and mentor.

Don’t let this moment pass you by.  This is your life.  Your dreams.  Your reality.  Believe it!  All the best to you.

you work

As 2010 comes to an end, I realize that everything I have been able to manifest this year is a result of my hard work and dedication. We all know how easy it is at times to “get off track” and make excuses as to why we fall short of living the life we imagine. I am here to say that it takes hard work to get what you want in life. Sometimes while we are doing the hard work, it feels plain awful. Yet if we stick with it, the reward comes after. And when the reward comes, it feels plain amazing!

What hard work will you commit to in 2011? Improving your health? Creating financial security?