The Value of Perspective

The Value of Perspective:

A month ago during my run, the Fall leaves crunched beneath my feet; a few weeks ago, the Winter snow and ice crunched beneath my feet; and the other day, running in an incredible and unseasonal 64 degrees, all the “could haves, should haves, would haves and what if’s” crunched beneath my feet.

Our circumstances don’t determine our life or our happiness. Our choices do.

Don’t let the puppy mind truck you. Train the puppy mind.

End 2013 with a fresh perspective. Train your mind to see with new eyes. Set the stage for abundance in all ways in 2014. Believe me, if I can run, YOU can do anything!!

PS: Chipped nail polish post run is a sign of victory!

3 Things Essential to Achieve Goals

Six weeks ago I decided to train for a 10K race in Sleepy Hollow. I am proud to say I completed the race– and it was my best time ever! It was a challenging course. Many, many, many hills.

When I think about how I was able to achieve my goal of running a very hilly 10K, with only 6 weeks of training, I realized a few key principles I had to implement along the way. As a mentor and supportive coach, I want to share these with you. I have noticed when it comes to changing past behavior, many of us start out excited — and then for some reason we fall off the “track”, give up on ourselves and never achieve our goals.

Why is this?

In taking some lessons from what I had to endure over the last 6 weeks, there are 3 things you must do when trying to achieve your goals:

1. You must have a plan and follow it consistently, no matter what.

I followed the training plan exactly. I did it when I was tired, cranky and sore. Included in my plan was not only the physical movement part, but also healthier eating, increased supplementation and more rest.


2. You must believe you are not your thoughts.

When you begin to notice your thoughts, this is when you can begin to control them. When negative thoughts popped into my head, I simply changed my thinking to positive affirmations. When you come back to your body and get out of your head, anything is possible.

3. You must get support.

Some of us underestimate the need for support as we feel we “shouldn’t” have to ask for it. I have not yet met anyone who has achieved a significant goal in life without getting support. All during my training I asked my family and other runners for support. For me, asking is not easy– yet I do it anyway in pursuit of my larger goal.

How can you apply these 3 principles to your life..starting now?