Managing Stress: Stillness Speaks

One of the major contributors to aging is stress.  On-going stress not only ages us prematurely, it affects our daily quality of life! Stress also causes health problems. When our body is under on-going stress, our non-essential bodily functions shut down.  Yes, they shut down to self-preserve. This can cause serious digestive and reproductive issues, and negatively affect heart health due to elevated heart rate/blood pressure.  Finding ways to reduce stress will dramatically improve the quality of your life. Meditation, yoga and other breathing techniques are fantastic tools to help manage your stress.  Another tool is simply being quiet.

Try this: Allow yourself to drive, walk, run, sit, do “whatever” in silence. Silence can be profoundly relaxing–AND silence has its own message you might not be able to hear with all the usual “noise”.

Aging Well

We often get asked the question: “what is the secret to aging well?”. The answer: Live Well. When we live well, we look closely at lifestyle choices that include food, rest and love.

Take these steps to age slowly and well:

Stay Active: Walk, run, yoga, bike, do what makes you happy! Regular activity helps you manage stress, improve mood & manage weight.

Manage Stress: Chronic, on-going stress increases cortisol levels & effects everything from digestion to re-production and heart health. Reduce stress by practicing relaxation techniques such as meditation and breathing exercises.

Maintain an ideal weight: Being overweight is associated with a wide variety of aging diseases, including diabetes, colon cancer, hypertension, heart disease, and extra weight is hard on the joints. Get support if needed.

More Sleep: Lack of sleep can have devastating effects on our health, impacting our mood and even cold and flu resistance. Strive for a consistent sleep schedule. If your brain wont turn off or wakes you up, commit to meditation.

Stay Connected: The role of good social relationships is important to our overall health. As we age, having good social ties is linked to less depression, better cognitive skills, even a longer life.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables: Since only nine percent of Americans eat the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, the opportunity for improving health (and longevity) by improving diet is great.

Take a Multivitamin: Deficiency of vitamins B12, B6, C, E, niacin, folic acid, iron, or zinc all seem to mimic damage to DNA from radiation. Everyone should consider a good multivitamin to cover their base nutritional needs. View our favorite here.

Your Healthy Skin on HFF

Why High Frequency Facials?

Ever wonder why some facials yield immediate, lasting results, while others don’t?

Here at Bronxville Wellness Sanctuary, the quality of our facials is a reflection not only of our exceptional staff & organic skin-care products, but because of the techniques & tools used.

One of our favorite tools is the high frequency machine, which is highly effective at treating both acne & signs of aging. The high-frequency machine stimulates collagen-producing elastin which promotes elasticity and gives the skin a glowing and youthful appearance. It also stimulates cell renewal – literally creating brand new skin! It reduces fine lines and wrinkles as well as dark circles and improves overall skin tone and texture. The best part: it’s totally natural, it doesn’t hurt and won’t damage your skin!!!

Yes, even our 30 Minute Express Facials include the HF!! Book with us @ 914.337.9356 or on the web here.

try one thing

Often on the path to optimal health and wellness it can feel overwhelming.  One might ask, where do I begin? When there are so many choices about what to focus on, unfortunately, many of us choose to do nothing.  To make it easier, I suggest choosing one thing, one area to focus on.  For example, if you are looking to lose weight, maybe the first step is simply adding in or increasing exercise to at least 4 times per week.  When the excuses come, such as “I don’t have time”, challenge your old way of thinking!  Get up early, move at lunch, or head to the gym directly from work.  If you don’t like the gym, get outside and play, swim, kayak, walk… Change simply can’t take place if we continue to do the same thing because we tell ourself the same story over and over again. You may be pleasantly surprised how amazing you feel when you stop thinking about it and just do it.  Try it for 30 days, no excuses.

the science of soy: part 1

Over the years I have heard conflicting information from “established, reputable professionals” about the health benefits of soy protein.  I happen to love soy protein.  In 2003 when I found the highest quality soy protein on the market, from Shaklee, it changed my life.  My energy levels increased, my weight stabilized, my hypoglycemia episodes decreased dramatically, and my mood improved.  Because quality makes all the difference when it comes to “food”, I encourage you to take the time to read this excerpt on the Science of Soy from Dr. Jamie McManus, M.D.
Chair, Medical Affairs, Health Sciences & Education, Shaklee Corporation.

“Soy is a natural and traditional Asian food that nutrition scientists are continuing to study with renewed interest today. Long valued as a healthy vegetarian protein source, recent research has discovered vital compounds in soy called isoflavones, which provide potentially powerful health benefits of their own beyond the simple delivery of healthy nutrients in soy, from protein to minerals.

Science never stands still nor is complete. The findings of newer studies may provide conflicting results as compared to earlier studies or visa versa. This is true even in the case of a super food like soy. For example, there have been a few very limited studies on soy that have received much attention on the internet resulting in great confusion amongst consumers and even healthcare professionals. Certain websites have misrepresented the overall data on soy protein and I am quite concerned about this because when consumed as part of an overall well balanced diet, soy protein has great potential to help improve lives by reducing the risk of the leading causes of death and disability – heart disease, stroke and several types of cancer.

We (at Shaklee) are committed to monitoring the latest research and applying the very best nutrition research available to address people’s health concerns and support their overall health. Soy protein has been an important cornerstone of our nutritional programs and our consensus is that there are decades of favorable and positive epidemiologic and clinical evidence to support our perspective. Because we pride ourselves on having the highest standards for scientific research, we decided to engage an independent scientific expert to thoroughly review all of the soy research and write a complete scientific review.

Mark Messina, PhD is an adjunct associate professor at Loma Linda University and the Executive Director of the Soy Nutrition Institute.  A renowned soy expert, Dr. Messina has been studying the health effects of soy for more than 20 years and has published more than 60 scientific papers and given more than 500 presentations on soy foods to health professionals around the world. From his extensive scientific white paper, Dr. Messina has prepared a two-part update on Soy. Part 1, linked from this letter, provides the latest science on the health benefits of soy consumption. Dr. Messina’s detailed investigation cites published scientific research studies he analyzed to reach his conclusions and includes specific references to these studies at the end of each of the two parts of his report.

The first part of this series, Soy and Your Health: An Update on the Benefits, gives you the latest information on favorable findings on soy.  Here you’ll learn about new research evidence for the numerous health benefits of soy – how a daily moderate intake of soy can protect against heart disease and stroke, may help prevent certain types of cancer, potentially alleviate menopause symptoms, support bone health and possibly even exert favorable effects on aging skin. To read the Part One of the series click here.

Then stay tuned next month for Part Two, Soy and Your Health: Dispelling the Myths.  Learn the truth about the so-called “anti-nutrients” in soy, why soy isoflavones do not elevate breast cancer risk, how soy really affects thyroid and brain function, the real difference between unfermented and fermented soy and much more.”


The Power of a Multi-Vitamin


U.S. Senate Committee on Nutrition:

“If nutrition levels were raised to the Governments DV requirement (multi vitamin) a dramatic improvement in 19 major health problems would occur. Over 1 million lives could be saved; multiple millions would have a better quality of life.”

7 of the 10 leading causes of death in the United States are directly related to diet.

Prevent Illness Or Treat it? Optimal Health or Average Health?

I partner with Shaklee because they have always been on the “cutting edge” of PREVENTION.

Optimal health means higher resistance to infection/illness/disease – plus greater energy!

Good health comes 20% by chance/genetics and 80% by life style choice.

Reduce chances of illness – short and long term - with a quality multi-vitamin.

Quality Check for a Multi Vitamin

Does the product smell (taste) like chemicals?

Are all the DV’s at or close to 100%?

Is the calcium close to 50% DV?

Is the Calcium/Magnesium ratio close to 50/50?

Does it contain all 23 essential vitamins and minerals?

Does it contain all 8 B-vitamins at 100% DV.

Many will have no or low (10%) Biotin – the most expensive of the B’s.

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) / Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) / Vitamin B3 (niacin or niacinamide)

Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) / Vitamin B6 (pyridoxinepyridoxal, or pyridoxamine, or pyridoxine hydrochloride) / Vitamin B7 (biotin) / Vitamin B9 (folic acid)

Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin)

Our bodies only recognize and effectively utilize nutrients in a food form. Medical Research shows that synthetic vitamins have side effects. They can increase cancer risks and seriously damage your health according to research done by Dr. Agnes Faye Morgan (University of California). She reported that taking synthetic vitamins is worse than starvation. Animals fed synthetic vitamins had toxic reactions or died early of degenerative diseases compared to those fed whole foods. She stated that the enrichment of processed foods with synthetic vitamins may “precipitate conditions worse than the original deficiency.” Other animal studies reveal untimely deaths, sterility, and serious health deficits with the use of synthetic nutritional supplements versus once-living whole food. (Scandinavian Veterinary; Journal of Natural Agriculture).

“Natural” doesn’t always mean you should eat it! Rocks are natural. But, the body cannot utilize ground up rocks, no matter how small you pulverize them. Avoid synthetic vitamins – they may look alike chemically, but they do not act alike biologically because not all the necessary components are there for the body to fully utilize.

The body sees them as foreign substances and wants to eliminate them. – Full article

Shaklee’s Multi Vitamin (VITA LEA) Is Different!

1) Its made from whole food – not synthetic chemicals intended to imitate food

like Centrum, One-A-Day and most popular store brands. Vita Lea is superior to other leading brands because it is supported by SEVEN clinical

studies and has over 340 quality tests performed everytime its made.

2) Its Balanced – the “DV %’s” are ALL at or close to 100%.  Check the label of your vitamin –  do the DV %’s range from 10% – 3,000+ %.  If so, that’s the 1st        indication that the product is not based on science or research.

3)  It provides all 23 essential vitamins and minerals at clinically proven levels.

2 xs more vitamin D3

2 xs more beta carotene

2 xs more Vitamin E

2 xs more calcium

6 xs more boron

2 xs more magnesium

10xs more biotin

VITA LEA is a BEST BUY at $.40 Cents a day for 2 tablets

Patented Bioactivated Absorption system (exclusive to Shaklee) ensures enhanced absorption, a critical component of complete nutrition.  2 Vita Lea a day promotes overall health and vitality. Creates short & long-term wellness by strengthening the immune system! Promotes strong bones. Provides protection against free radical damage.  Perfectly balanced to support optimal health!

Would you like to try Vita Lea?

One Large bottle* – 240 tabs – a 4 month supply @ 2 a day will qualify

you for a free lifetime membership*. If you don’t feel better in 30 days – receive a 100% refund – and keep the membership for free!

*$40.95 + tax & shipping


I will GIVE you one FREE bottle of Vita Lea 120 – IF you are able to find another multi vitamin that is:

  • Made from whole Food
  • Contains all 23 essential nutrients
  • Balanced (DV at or near 100%)
  • Has published clinical test results on their own product
  • Costs less then $.40 cents a day

How to Choose Supplements

For many the choice to take supplements is overwhelming.

Since the supplement industry is not regulated, each of us has to be our own detective.

Here are the criteria I used to select the company I have partnered with since 2003 for all my supplement needs:

Ten Criteria for Choosing HIGH QUALITY Vitamin Supplements:

There is a HUGE difference between manufacturers!!

1.Does the vitamin disintegrate quickly enough to be bio available for your cells?

2.Are there artificial colorants, sweeteners or preservatives?

3.Is high heat used in processing, killing enzyme life?

4.Is the vitamin food-sourced?

5.Does the manufacturer do ongoing scientific research?

6.Is the research published in scientific medical journals?

7.Do pro athletes and practitioners use them without payment for endorsement?

8.Are raw ingredients free from pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and heavy metals?

9.Is there a 100% money back guarantee?

10.Are their representatives educated and willing to do follow up?

** Get your supplements from an established company with a reputation for quality and integrity. I would recommend choosing a company that has been around for a number of years so you know their reputation is based on their track record over the years rather than just on “hype”. “Real” science provides results and safety. “Marketing” science is dangerous!

**Make sure the company does ongoing and rigorous quality control testing on their products in raw material phase AND after manufacture for both purity and safety. I would choose a company that requires pharmaceutical grade quality controls on their products throughout the manufacturing process. Quality = Results

**Make sure the company has published clinical studies on their products that prove both safety and effectiveness. Again I would recommend choosing a company that has many published clinical studies on their products rather than just one or two.


If you are looking to improve the QUALITY of your health,

doesn’t it make sense to invest in QUALITY products?

YES!  Click here to view supplements I use.

Energy Snack Bars for the Whole Family: View My Video Recipe

Are you looking for a quick, easy, homeade, healthy snack to make for the whole family? 

I can’t live without these Energy Bars.  I make them weekly. They are packed with nutrients, fiber and natural sweetness.  They are a perfect snack for anyone looking to maintain or lose weight.  They are filling and delicious too!

Check out my video recipe here: