Yoga and Business

Years ago when I turned to yoga & meditation, I did so because I felt “lost”. I was advancing in my corporate career on one hand, yet feeling totally disconnected to myself on the other. Since then, these life affirming practices have guided me to where I am today, at home within myself. What continues to blow me away is that now I am fully immersed in a healing business, an extension of my life, and I find yoga & meditation even more powerful. When the day to day of “the sanctuary business” gets hectic, my practices ground me and allow me to act rather than react. Being able to stay centered during challenging times allows me to not only get done what is required, it helps those around me stay calm as well. Priceless.  I often say, if the pilot starts to freak out about a problem in the cockpit, what good is that to his team, the passengers, the airline business? Yoga & meditation are powerful tools for transformation, both personally and professionally.  Sometimes it is harder for people to see or translate the benefits of these practices in the professional world. And this is why I am so happy to have come across an article, “Yoga Made Me a Better CEO”. This article affirms everything I have been discovering and sharing. You can read the article here.

your future part 3

The third and final thing which impacts the quality of our future and that is our willingness to overcome adversity. It is true that no matter how badly you want something in life, you will face challenges. I like to think of these challenges as an opportunity to examine whether I really really want whatever it is that I am after. And if I really really do want it, then I focus on getting the necessary support to overcome the adversity. When I say support it can be anything from having a call with my mentor, exercising, taking time off, reading, writing or going back to the vision I have for my life which totally inspires me!

When I need support, one person I turn to is Jim Rohn because he is doing and has done what I envision myself to be doing 15 years from now. On one of his CD’s he says when times get tough, don’t ask for it to be easier, ask for more skills. Brilliant! If we truly desire a better future for ourselves and our family, we must be willing to overcome obstacles and challenges.

I have faced and continue to face obstacles as I build my wellness business. Death, divorce, moving — all kinds of emotional turmoil and yes, even un-supportive friends and family. Do you know how many days I quit “in my head” and say to myself, “I will just go back to work for someone else”. What keeps me moving forward is that I am willing to overcome adversity by constantly improving myself, my skills. I am willing to learn, to change, and be coach-able. I invest in myself because I firmly believe the more we work on ourselves, the more success we will achieve in life. And I don’t just mean monetary success. I am talking about success in love and relationships– in living a good life, with no regrets.

How can you apply this to your life? What challenges are you currently facing? Are you willing to overcome this adversity to improve the quality of your future or that of your family? What choices are you making? What is the quality of your thinking? It is all connected. As always, I am here to support you so don’t be afraid to reach out! We are not meant to “go it alone”.

inspired leadership

I’ve often said to myself, “I wish there were more inspiring leaders out there in the business world whose  focus was on serving others rather than making money.”

In particular when I was “younger” and in the corporate world, I tended to think that if we focused more on service, the money would follow.

The universe finally heard me and provided! In December I received a copy of The Serving Leader as a Holiday gift from one of my mentors.  Talk about a gift.  Not only has this book reaffirmed my inclination that it is possible to lead with your heart and still be successful in business, it seems there is no other way at this moment in time.

If you are looking to grow as a leader, both personally and professionally this book is a must read.

You can find it here in my favorites.

What kinds of questions are you asking?

Over the years I have read many books and heard many mentors speak about ”asking the right questions”.  Like most of us, I turn to questions when I am searching for an answer because I want a certain outcome.  Makes sense, right?  However, what I have found and need to remind myself  about is the following: the quality of the question..determines the quality of the answer..and therefore the quality of the outcome.  Eseesntially, are we getting what we “want”?

So, if we ask questions that I will call “real”, they must:

-provoke thought (rational side)

-provoke emotion (emotional side)

-represent what is working, good or right about “situation” in question (love this one the best!)

-lead us to an answer..perhaps not right away..

Yes! It does take COURAGE to ask the REAL questions.

Imagine if  all of us made a commitment to asking REAL questions? 

I suspect the world would run a bit smoother and there would be more JOY.