Balancing Ambition and Play

One challenge I face when living my personal best is balancing my ambition with my play.

Have you ever experienced this? Over the years I have learned and continue to “re-learn” that when my ambitious side takes over completely, I end up feeling tired..and even somewhat resentful of my ambitious efforts. In order to get back in balance, I give myself permission to play more. When I do, I come back feeling renewed and ready to take on the next challenge. I want to re-iterate that excellence is not perfection. If it were, we would have nothing to strive for.

A favorite book of mine on this topic of play called the Exuberant Animal talks about how many of us have forgotten how to play– and as a result, we suffer from all kinds of body, mind and spirit ailments.  I tend to agree with this.  Here’s a quote from the book I absolutely love:

“We play because we have an exuberance of spirits and energy, but we are also exuberant because we play.” -Kay Redfield Jamison

I encourage you to play more on your path to excellence.  I rarely meet anyone on this path who tells me they play too much!!

Are you Working or Playing? Words to Inspire…

Happy Monday!  Over the years I have come to love quotes that define how I live my life because they act as gentle inspiration and reminders.

Enjoy my Monday morning favorite.

“The master in the ART of living

makes little distinction between his

WORK and his PLAY, his labor and his leisure,

his mind and his body, his information and his recreation,

his love and his religion.

He hardly knows which is which.

He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does,

leaving others to decide whether he is WORKING or PLAYING.

To him he’s always doing BOTH.”

-James Michener