Aging Well

We often get asked the question: “what is the secret to aging well?”. The answer: Live Well. When we live well, we look closely at lifestyle choices that include food, rest and love.

Take these steps to age slowly and well:

Stay Active: Walk, run, yoga, bike, do what makes you happy! Regular activity helps you manage stress, improve mood & manage weight.

Manage Stress: Chronic, on-going stress increases cortisol levels & effects everything from digestion to re-production and heart health. Reduce stress by practicing relaxation techniques such as meditation and breathing exercises.

Maintain an ideal weight: Being overweight is associated with a wide variety of aging diseases, including diabetes, colon cancer, hypertension, heart disease, and extra weight is hard on the joints. Get support if needed.

More Sleep: Lack of sleep can have devastating effects on our health, impacting our mood and even cold and flu resistance. Strive for a consistent sleep schedule. If your brain wont turn off or wakes you up, commit to meditation.

Stay Connected: The role of good social relationships is important to our overall health. As we age, having good social ties is linked to less depression, better cognitive skills, even a longer life.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables: Since only nine percent of Americans eat the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, the opportunity for improving health (and longevity) by improving diet is great.

Take a Multivitamin: Deficiency of vitamins B12, B6, C, E, niacin, folic acid, iron, or zinc all seem to mimic damage to DNA from radiation. Everyone should consider a good multivitamin to cover their base nutritional needs. View our favorite here.

you dream

Happy New Year!  This is the best time of year to start dreaming again!  Give yourself the gift of your own attention and take time to dream. Think about what areas of your life you want to improve in 2011.  Perhaps you want better health?  Maybe you want to work on building relationships in your life that uplift you? What about creating financial stability so you do more than just “get by”?   Once you decide what it is for you this year, make a plan and commit to it.  Figure out what you need to succeed.  Perhaps you will need to  learn new skills, give up old habits or work with a supportive coach and mentor.

Don’t let this moment pass you by.  This is your life.  Your dreams.  Your reality.  Believe it!  All the best to you.

When in doubt..

Whenever I have a particularly challenging encounter with someone who I am close to (for example,  they decide they have the right to judge me and relentlessly dredge up the past), I have to remind myself  perhaps they never heard this quote I learned from a yoga teacher, “Be kind.  Every person is facing their own internal battle.”

When in doubt, be kind.  It goes much further in making our world a better place.