Energy Snack Bars for the Whole Family: View My Video Recipe

Are you looking for a quick, easy, homeade, healthy snack to make for the whole family? 

I can’t live without these Energy Bars.  I make them weekly. They are packed with nutrients, fiber and natural sweetness.  They are a perfect snack for anyone looking to maintain or lose weight.  They are filling and delicious too!

Check out my video recipe here:

Why Do I Meditate?

WHY do I take the time everyday to meditate? It makes life SWEETER.

How so? When I meditate, I FEEL better, and therefore I make better choices.  I am not so emotionally triggered.  This is a BIG one for me and for many of us.

In turn, I experience better sleep, more energy, more peace, love and joy.  I can hear my own voice the loudest and live according to MY plan.

My dedication remains strong to my practice because it allows me to experience bliss on earth– everyday– no matter what is going on around me. When suffering seems to be everywhere, I can handle my feelings with love and acceptance. Instead of wallowing in my suffering, I can be a source of light and positive energy for those around me. I am able to live my life fully with ease and enjoyment.

You can’t buy this.  You cultivate it.


My Top 5 Essential Products for Golfers!

My goal in working with my clients is to help them achieve optimal health.  With Golf season here, I am getting many requests on the products I use to help people improve their golf game.

What if everytime you hit the golf course you had abundant energy, sharp focus and recovered faster? Do you want to ease stiffness and joint pain so you can play 18 holes comfortably and  at your best?

Here are my Top 5 Essentials for Golfers (these great Father’s Day gifts too!):

1.Energy Chews- get the healthy edge with this organic, all natural energy chew.  Increase your energy & sharpen your focus too.

2.VIVIX- 98% pure and potent resveratrol.  One teaspoon per day is all you need to help ramp up your energy, reduce stiffness, joint pain, inflammation and repair your cells.  You will also get the ANTI-AGING benefits from resveratrol!

3.Performance Drink Mix- Rehydrate while you are on the golf course with this unique electrolyte belnd.  Much healther than other artificial and sugar filled hydration drinks out there.

4.Physique Protein Shake- ideal after your game to help your muscles recover.  Helps ease stiffness too.  You can also enjoy the shake before your game as a healthier (and fast) breakfast option for those 6am tee times!!

5.Joint & Muscle Pain Cream- fast acting non-greasy cream to ease joint & muscle pain.  Use before, during or after your game.

If you are interested in learning more contact me!

Remember, when it comes to your health, QUALITY = RESULTS
Everything we put into our mouth and onto our skin affects our overall health: immunity, energy…well being.

Make the healthy choice & ENJOY LIFE!



You can lose weight on a diet high in grains!

Grains (carbohydrates) are NOT the reason people are overweight.  Yes, grains can be high in calories.  Yet they are also nutrient rich: vitamins, minerals, energy-sustaining carbs, protein and– fiber for cleansing.  They are  a complete food.  When you commit to eating whole grains daily, you feel full and satisfied.  Salads and “diet” foods often leave you wanting more. 

My grain of choice this week- MILLET.  In fact, I just made millet mashed potatoes.  Delicious!

Let’s PLAY!!

As the weather turns warmer and it stays lighter longer, I am reminded of a book I read which talked about the importance of PLAY and how so many of us need to DO MORE of it!  By play I mean MOVING.  A walk…tennis…biking…frisbee.   The only purpose of play is to enjoy & to experience the exuberance that is inherent in play itself. If you need a reminder of how to play/what it looks like, get a puppy or borrow one!  They play naturally.  And of course, there are numerous health benefits to play: stress relief, exercise, connecting with nature.
Think about it:
“We play because we have an exuberance of spirits and energy, but we are also exuberant because we play.”   -Kay Redfield Jamison