your future part 1

Today I write to you about your future. “Your Future”. What reaction do these words evoke in you? Excitement? Fear? Nothing? Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and connect into the feeling. What feelings come up? Jot them down. Don’t judge them.

Over the next few weeks I am going to focus on the question, “What does your future look like?”

My friends, the quality of your future depends on three things.

The first thing is choice. The choices you make today determine if your future will be better or worse than it is today.

Why is choice important? Choice is the starting point. The choices we make day in and day out– both the big ones and the small ones– point us in a direction that causes us to make more choices; and those choices take us in another direction where guess what? Yes, more choices.

As I was listening to Jim Rohn the other day, he mentioned something like this: All of us face the same wind. It is the set of our sail that determines the outcome. I see the sail as our choice.

When Hurricane Irene was approaching a few weeks ago I made the choice to evacuate my beach house in Long Island even though many of my neighbors stayed behind. On Thursday when we were asked to “voluntarily evacuate” my logic was simply this: if today it is voluntary, and tomorrow it becomes mandatory, I will be miserable leaving here with everyone else plus 9 pets.  So, given the information I had, and knowing I don’t take too much risk with issues of my well-being, I made the “unpopular” choice to leave. For me, when it comes to choice, in particular when the stakes are high, sitting in the “unknown”, the “maybe”, the “let’s wait and see”, is an extremely dis-empowering place for me so I simply do not do it. I commit to making choices that empower me, so the choice to leave was one I came upon rather easily.

I invite you to get really curious about the choices you make.

Ask yourself: Are my choices helping me to create a future that is better or worse?

What kinds of questions are you asking?

Over the years I have read many books and heard many mentors speak about ”asking the right questions”.  Like most of us, I turn to questions when I am searching for an answer because I want a certain outcome.  Makes sense, right?  However, what I have found and need to remind myself  about is the following: the quality of the question..determines the quality of the answer..and therefore the quality of the outcome.  Eseesntially, are we getting what we “want”?

So, if we ask questions that I will call “real”, they must:

-provoke thought (rational side)

-provoke emotion (emotional side)

-represent what is working, good or right about “situation” in question (love this one the best!)

-lead us to an answer..perhaps not right away..

Yes! It does take COURAGE to ask the REAL questions.

Imagine if  all of us made a commitment to asking REAL questions? 

I suspect the world would run a bit smoother and there would be more JOY.