You can lose weight on a diet high in grains!

Grains (carbohydrates) are NOT the reason people are overweight.  Yes, grains can be high in calories.  Yet they are also nutrient rich: vitamins, minerals, energy-sustaining carbs, protein and– fiber for cleansing.  They are  a complete food.  When you commit to eating whole grains daily, you feel full and satisfied.  Salads and “diet” foods often leave you wanting more. 

My grain of choice this week- MILLET.  In fact, I just made millet mashed potatoes.  Delicious!

Five Minute Breakfast Muesli

Breakfast is THE most important meal of the day!

Here is one of my favorite, healthy, quick and yummy breakfast recipes for you to enjoy:

Five Minute Breakfast Muesli

1 cup rolled oats

2 cups almond or soymilk (I use vanilla soy for sweetness)

6 chopped dates

1/2 cup sunflower seeds

Soak all ingredients overnight covered, and it will be done by the morning – no cooking.

Serves 3.

Note: You can add cinnamon, coconut, raisins before eating.