What kinds of questions are you asking?

Over the years I have read many books and heard many mentors speak about ”asking the right questions”.  Like most of us, I turn to questions when I am searching for an answer because I want a certain outcome.  Makes sense, right?  However, what I have found and need to remind myself  about is the following: the quality of the question..determines the quality of the answer..and therefore the quality of the outcome.  Eseesntially, are we getting what we “want”?

So, if we ask questions that I will call “real”, they must:

-provoke thought (rational side)

-provoke emotion (emotional side)

-represent what is working, good or right about “situation” in question (love this one the best!)

-lead us to an answer..perhaps not right away..

Yes! It does take COURAGE to ask the REAL questions.

Imagine if  all of us made a commitment to asking REAL questions? 

I suspect the world would run a bit smoother and there would be more JOY.

Why Do I Meditate?

WHY do I take the time everyday to meditate? It makes life SWEETER.

How so? When I meditate, I FEEL better, and therefore I make better choices.  I am not so emotionally triggered.  This is a BIG one for me and for many of us.

In turn, I experience better sleep, more energy, more peace, love and joy.  I can hear my own voice the loudest and live according to MY plan.

My dedication remains strong to my practice because it allows me to experience bliss on earth– everyday– no matter what is going on around me. When suffering seems to be everywhere, I can handle my feelings with love and acceptance. Instead of wallowing in my suffering, I can be a source of light and positive energy for those around me. I am able to live my life fully with ease and enjoyment.

You can’t buy this.  You cultivate it.