Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and Reviews Bronxville Wellness Sanctuary

We love to get feedback from our clients! Below is a compilation of testimonials and reviews. If you have something you’d like to say about one of our employees or your experience in general, let us know via email here and we will include it here!

“Entire experience was wonderful, service was outstanding.” -Megan

“I only had a facial once in my life about 20 years ago and I had a bad experience. The person was too aggressive & badly trained so I left with red irritated looking skin and I looked horrible. Therefore I have avoided facials ever since. However, I read that you offer rosacea facials in one of your recent newsletters. Maggie encouraged me to give it a try when I was there for the free group meditation even recently. So I booked a rosacea facial, since I have sensitive skin. Trinah was excellent & made me feel relaxed & confident that she knew what she was doing. I told her about my apprehension and she talked me through the whole process so that I could understand what she was doing and why. It was painful at times because I had clogged pores and she was treating them for me. But, she assured me that my skin will look better afterwards and it wouldn’t look irritated. She was right, my skin looks and feels clean and looked normal (non-irritated) when she was done. I definitely noticed the skin on my nose and chin looked a lot better because she cleaned my clogged pores. I will definitely book more facials with her in the future. I am no longer afraid!” -Jessica

“My girlfriend and I had a great experience together (Couples Massage) at your facility. It was the perfect Valentine’s gift and was a great way to get some quality relaxation together. We’ll definitely return! Thanks again!” -Jacob

“Excellent service, pleasant atmosphere and staff.” -Milena

“Sarah had the right touch. I enjoyed her insights into how the body works and benefits from massage too.” -Marian

“You guys are the best! Every time we have visited and every person we have encountered has always been professional, courteous and extremely helpful in creating a caring and healing experience. I wish we could frequent more often….” -Glenn

“As a long-time client of BWS, and a massage connoisseur, I can say without hesitation that Peter gives the best deep-tissue massage ever.  He can take the knots and kinks out of me like no one else.  His years of experience and continual learning have paid off well.   BWS is a warm and inviting place right next to the Bronxville train station with friendly and helpful staff.   There is no reason to go anywhere  else!” -Ray

“I had such a wonderful massage with John and also I loved my facial with Elizabeth, my skin looks and feels amazing.” -Louise

“The wellness package (45 min massage and 45 min facial) is the BEST DEAL. This is the first time I tried this combo and I worried I would find each too short. Quite the contrary. Kate packed about as much relaxation into those 45 minutes (of massage) as was humanly possible. Trinah, who did my facial even managed to **significantly** reduce the bags under my eyes. That is practically a miracle, which makes her practically a saint.  Stephanie always makes me feel so welcome – it’s soothing simply to be in her presence. As another aside, I really like getting the email updates. Great job everyone! I love your business!” -Monica

“I truly enjoy my time with Liz. She is professional, very warm and welcoming.” -Lisa

“Trinah (for facials) is fabulous.” -Susanne

“Best facial I ever had and Elizabeth is a treasure.” -Doreen

“Thanks Stephanie. I enrolled this morning for the next yoga session. One of the best hours of my week!”  -Margaret C

 ”I absolutely LOVED my service!!” -Greta

“My facial with Liz was 4 days ago and my skin is still glowing! I’ve had facials at many spas including Spa Nordstrom, Golden Door Spa and Ritz-Carlton. I consider my facial with Liz among the best I’ve ever had.“  -Esther F

“Stephanie, your Abundant Life class was amazing. If anyone is struggling to define the self, this is the class for you. It is about self discovery and sharing with strong women of different backgrounds in a safe place. You will be asked many tough questions that only you can answer for yourself. It is a life changing experience, come see for yourself. The bonding with other women gives you the push needed to make some changes.” -D.

“Karen Thompson is a fabulous massage therapist and addition to your staff. I like the homey, comfortable atmosphere at the spa. And, the facial I had this past week was terrific. I have very sensitive skin, so I’m thrilled that my skin was so happy afterward. Keep up the good work!” -Rosanna

“Stephanie is amazing. She has helped us all. She totally gets it. She is super with everyone- adults to kids. She is not a crazy hard core, but she subtly gets all the improvements and is motivational. She has the yoga, breathing exercise, but also the vitamins, calories, and science to weight management. We are so happy that she has been helping our family. I hope she can help you all as much as she help us.” -Tina N

“Stephanie, I truly enjoyed the yoga “hour” and was amazed at how quickly it flew by. Thank you for doing this. It was a very special way to start the day.”  -Ann S