Top 10 Summer Travel Must Haves

Top 10 List of things Steph simply doesn’t travel without:

1. Yoga Towel…Lighter than a mat.
2. Oat Bran (= Fiber)…Nobody likes to get backed up while on vacay.
3. Journal…Always something to ponder on vacation!
4. Shaklee EssentialsPerformance & Energy Tea combined: hydration & energy without all the calories, Meal Bars & Shake Packets for those car/airplane rides & to self correct a day of over doing it!
5. Great Book…Tune out and dig in.
6. Colloidal Spray…Travel on here
7. Tucks Wipes…Yes, they make travel size :)
8. Dark Chocolate…Dessert can be disappointing & not worth the calories.
9. Cute Scarf...Jazz up an outfit, use as a belt, cover your neck/face/head…
10. Open Mind…Happiness = {Reality X Flexibility} – Expectations